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The syrah produces highly colored, quality wines, rich in tannins and with strong aromatic potential. The syrah brings aromas of red fruit such as blackcurrant, blueberries and blackberries.
    Gray Grenache
This typically southern French grape variety is used to make naturally fortified wines. Delicately skinned, and slightly silvery colored, it is used in blends to produce, richly flavored, wines that are long on the palate with low acidity.

This grape is sensitive to changes in temperature but stands up well against the wind, the sun and aridity. Its pale color and delicate taste makes it especially suitable for rosés. It produces fruity, supple, crisp wines with aromas of almond, lindenflower, raspberry and hazelnut.


The Caladoc is derived from a cross between Grenache black and Côt (or Malbec). It gives very full-bodied wine with intense color. On the palate, the tannins are soft and thin, with aromas of raspberry and spice.

Grenache doesn’t need much rainfall and its upright stock helps it to resist violent winds such as the Mistral. A slow ripening grape, the Grenache is also a prolific producer. It is an intense, deep, purple and is appreciated for its aromas of bayleaf, eucalyptus, blackberry and licorice.
The Chenanson gives colorful, fruity and generous. The Chenanson lends itself well to the production of wine futures. With proper vinification, it is very suitable to produce trè good wines.
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